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Still alive.
  Posted by Mike Renner

Okay, I know it's been like a year since I last updated this - especially since I'd originally meant to overhaul this site again.

Rest assured, I'm still alive and doing things. Most of my projects are still progressing, but I have no desire to give constant updates on them.

I will say that I'm not doing comics any more. That includes Fetch Quest, IWD, or whatever else I'd previously worked on. Part of this is because I have completely lost interest in the medium, and another part is the fact that some elements of my previous stories are being rolled into the story I now work on.

I know the demand wasn't exactly high or anything, but if you were wondering why I hadn't updated about my comics lately, that's why.

Change of plans.
  Posted by Mike Renner

I've pretty much settled the website issue that was brought up in my last update, so this site will still be here after all.

I do intend, when I have time, to change around this site again. Mostly, I want to get rid of the comics. They'll still be there in their original links, but I want to have a more professional website relating to my newer work.

Update (site's going bye-bye)
  Posted by Mike Renner

Been a while, I know.

So, that time of the year where I have to pay to keep this site up is approaching and I won't be renewing it. So if there's something you want off of this website between now and the middle of April, you'd best get it now.

I keep everything backed up several times over, so if I decide to put the site back up in some form, it'll be back. Probably under a new web address.

All I got.
  Posted by Mike Renner

As of today, I have run out of In Wily's Defense comics to post. While I can't say for certain that it's my last time doing the comic, I will say that I don't expect to return to the comic.

When I started In Wily's Defense back in 2003, I was doing it as a bored college student finding a hobby that didn't piss him off. I was increasingly frustrated with my writing community at the time and I really wanted to go out and do something that was my own thing. I found Megaman sprite comics. Hey, baby steps, I was still 20 at the time.

But these days, I don't have the time I used to have and IWD has always been nothing more but a hobby, so I'm going to put IWD back on "indefinite hiatus". It might be closer to a "permanent hiatus", though. We'll see.

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